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Web Design + Development

This asset is designed for those starting a business or currently rebranding, who want to establish an online platform that elevates your customer's experience as they navigate the site.

Investment starting: $1000

(Payment plans available)

This Asset Includes

  • up to 5  Custom Web Design Pages 

  • 1:1 Web Training & Tutorials 

  • Social Media icons & account connection 

  • Third-party App integration - booking, email marketing,etc.  

  • Keyword Strategy & SEO Optimization 

  • Mobile Optimization 

  • Google Analytics & Search Console 

  • Store policy page add-on  

  • Copy Protection (WIX only) 

  • Ecommerce Add-On -up to 10 Product Uploads 

  • 2 Weeks Post Project Support  



  • Copywriting  

  • Additional product uploads 

  • Extra Blog Posts 

  • Extra Custom Banners 

  • Additional pages 

  • Monthly Reporting & Strategy  



4-5 weeks 


Platforms: Wix / Shopify / GoDaddy / SquareSpace

How It Works

Week 1- Kick off and Concept 
We’ll jump on a call and chat about your website goals! After receiving your brand assets, we will create your first page concept and send you a preview for feedback! 
Week 2/3 - Page Build Commences 
Over this period, all pages are built, including service pages, FAQ, About, Contact, etc. 
You will have the opportunity to preview all pages and provide feedback at the end of week 3.  
Week 4 - Edits/ Mobile Site 
Pending your feedback, edits will be made, and your mobile site will be formatted and optimized this week.  
A secondary review will be provided at the end of this week.  
Week 5 - Web optimization/ Handover & Publish 
Now that your site is live, your google analytics is connected and you may receive support from me for an additional 2 weeks! 

product brand photoshoot campaign
  • $30 - Single Custom Graphic 

  • $200 - for 10 Custom Graphics  

A la carte Graphics + E-Flyers  

Monthly Content Creation  

  • Graphics Only - $360/mo *


  • Graphics + Video - $680/mo*


*This offer is contracted on a monthly retainer basis. 

3-month minimum. (1- month trial is offered) 

Your video quality matters when it comes to the success of your brand. Poor-quality videos will get low engagement and hence low sales and business growth. High-quality videos will translate to more engagements and increased sales. 
Short-Form Videos (up to 5 minutes)

This asset is intended to be quick, engaging and easily digestible content for viewers scrolling through social media feeds or other outlets.  

  • Investment starting at $40 per project.  
    (ex. Reels / TikTok's/ shorts/etc.) 

Long-Form Videos (10+ minutes)

This asset is intended to inform, entertain, or educate your audience about a particular topic.  

  • Investment starting at $90 per project. 

(ex. Brand Message / Testimonial videos & Promotional Videos)

Video Editing  

product brand photoshoot campaign

Created for those looking to build brand recognition and awareness among potential customers and followers, increase engagement, and drive leads to the brand’s online channels.

(All content will fit your current brand aesthetic) 

Social Media Design + Development

  • Motion Graphics 

  • Highlight Covers  

  • Story Designs 

  • Filter/ Lenses Design 

  • YouTube Intros / Outros 

  • Social/ Ad Campaigns 

Don’t see what you need listed? Send us a message.  

Additional Services


Instagram /Facebook /Linked in /YouTube / Google Business /TikTok/ Pinterest 


24 - 72 hours 

Brand Asset Kit + Identity 

This package has a starting investment of $2,000 and includes assets such as: 

  • Logo suite (Primary, Secondary +Icon) 

  • Colors 

  • Typography 

  • Brand Guidelines 

  • Brand Voice + Personality 

  • Brand Mood Board 

Digital Media Management* 

No matter the company size, every company is unique and requires round-the-clock attention from industry-experts to connect them to their audience — that’s where we come in: 

This service includes:  

  • Content Creation,  

  • Management/ Automation of Digital Platforms,  

  • Lead Management ,  

  • SMS + Email Marketing Management,  

  • Budget Tracking,  

  • Client Communication + more.  

Starting investment $1,200/mo.* 

Platforms: Instagram /Facebook /Linked in /YouTube Google Business /TikTok/ Pinterest 

*This offer is contracted on a monthly retainer basis.

3-month minimum (1- month trial offered)  

Pick our Brain 

Need an actionable plan to revamp your current strategy, systems, or brand design? The Pick My Brain consultation is here to audit your current project and provide clarity in the areas that you are stuck.  


You'll walk away with: 

  • Your 3- month action plan 

  • Brand & Web Audit Checklists 

  • A Recording of the Session  

  • 7 days post-session support 


Investment starting at : $150

Additional Services

  • Business Stationary

  • Packaging

  • Email templates

  • Logo animation 

  • UGC/ Influencer Marketing 

  • Organic Growth Boosters 

  • Copywriting 

  • Hashtag Research & Suggestions 

Logo Suite 

This package has a starting investment of $500 and includes assets such as: 

  • Primary Logo 

  • Alternate Logo 

  • 2 Watermarks (Black & White) 

  • Typography Selection 

  • 2-3 initial concepts 

  • 4 revisions 

 (links to licenses will be provided, but client will be responsible for downloading/purchasing the licenses)


Not ready to invest in full-service media management? Join our monthly membership.

Get the exact direction you need to expand your company, with a brand and business strategy.  We know that branding and marketing can easily be one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to tackle, and Queenz with Brands is here to help you become a stress-free CEO! 

Marketing  &
Collateral Design 

photographer taking a photo

$500 (up to 2hr session) 

  • 7 Reels/ Mobile videos  (9:16) 

  •  7 Brand Photos  

  •  7 Product Photos 

Brand + Product package

$800  (up to 2hr session) 

  • 7 Reels/ Mobile videos (9:16) 

  • Brand Message video 

  • Testimonial video 

Promo Video +Reels package

Virtual Staging

  • $25 per image (8 or more images) 

  • $30 per image (less than 8 images) 

Free revisions + turnaround time 24 - 48hrs

(rapid delivery $8 per image) 

A la carte Photography  & Video services 

$2000 (4hr session) 

  • Brand Message video 

  • 2 Testimonial videos 

  • Promotional Video 

  • 7 Reels/ Mobile videos (9:16) 

  • 7 Brand Photos  

  • 7 Product Photos 

Creative Branding package

(Drone also available upon request) 

  • Standard Portraits 

  • Brand Message / Testimonial videos 

  • Promotional Videos 

  • Real Estate Listings* 

  • Special Events 

  • Brand Shoots 

  • Product Shoots 


(Real Estate Photography Available Only To ATL, KY, & TN Agents at This Time) 

Object Removal  

$15 per image 

Free revisions + turnaround time 24 - 48hrs  

$6 per image 

Free revisions + turnaround time 24 - 48hrs 

$22 per image 

Free revisions + turnaround time 24 - 48hrs 

Image Enhancement  

Occupied Space
to Vacant 

Commercial Staging 

$32 per image 

Free revisions + turnaround time 24 - 48hrs

(rapid delivery $8 per image) 

We provide a full spectrum of graphic design and printing resources for small to large businesses that help your branding stand out from the competition. Our team of specialists can create your projects from concept and design, through to finishing and mailing if required. 


Available print designs & dimensions here.  

  •  $60 starting custom design fee per decal  


Shipping Info 


Free Shipping | 7-14 business days 

Standard Shipping | 5-8 business days $10 

Express Shipping | 2-3 business days $22 

Systems Support & VA/OBM Services 

As our client, we are here to support your company and help you build the vision that you’re striving for. We’re here to lighten your load, and help you maximize your brand’s potential. 


How we can support you: 

  • Admin Tasks 

  • Brand/Graphic Design 

  • Website Maintenance 

  • Email / SMS Marketing 

  • Copywriting 

  • Systems Design & Implementation 

  • Community Management 

  • Budget Tracking 

  • Operations/ Event/Teams management 

  • And much more! 


*This offer is contracted on a monthly retainer basis.

3-month minimum (1- month trial offered)  

Starting investment $ 900 month (up to 15 hrs/mo).  

Content Production + Editing

Successful content production can help increase engagement, visibility, and trust in your brand or personality, and ultimately leads to higher conversion rates and sales. Without a good system in place, the content you create is likely to be inconsistent. Here at Queenz with Brands we specialize in creating content that excites and adds value to your target audience. 

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